Ask An Arlington, VA Plumber: What Causes Burst Pipes?

The plumbing system in your home is a huge part of your comfort. It works hard every day  to remove all of your home’s waste water and to deliver fresh water to your home. Burst pipes are a very common plumbing repair in Arlington, VA and there are a number of common causes for them. At Air Novations, we provide complete plumbing repairs and wanted to give our customers a heads-up about some of the more common causes for burst pipes.

Frozen Pipes in Arlington, VA

During the winter, frozen pipes are a very common plumbing repair that we get called for. Without the proper insulation, the water in your pipes will start to freeze. Most people think that the reason frozen pipes burst is because of the cold water expanding against the walls of the pipe. What actually happens is that the frozen water creates pressure inside the pipe against the closed valve at the end of it and causes it to burst. Using proper insulation on your pipes can protect them from freezing and bursting.

Mineral Deposits

If you have hard water in your home it means that there are excess minerals in the water. Over time those minerals can start to build up and restrict the flow of water through your pipes. Pressure can form inside the pipes and cause them to burst.

Old Pipes

If you have old pipes they can start to deteriorate or corrode with time. As that happens, the inside of your old pipes will get thinner and could burst.

Burst pipes are nothing that any homeowner wants to have happen at their home. Sometimes all your burst pipes need is to be repaired. Other times, though, you may need to repipe your entire home.

Call Air Novations any time you have burst pipes in Arlington, VA and you need plumbing repairs.

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