Why There’s a Leak in the Commercial Refrigerator in Your Arlington Business

Does your Arlington business have a commercial refrigerator leak? With comprehensive maintenance services by Air Novations, you won’t have to worry about leaks; however, they can always happen unexpectedly without routine maintenance. You can help prevent refrigeration leaks in your commercial business with a few minor tasks. Here are some reasons you might have a leak and how to prevent them.

Buildup on Condenser Coils

The compressor and condenser coils are very important to the operation of your commercial refrigerator. Therefore, it is important to keep them clean so that your refrigerator stays at the right temperature. While this may not be the direct cause of a leak, an overheated compressor can cause other issues that might lead to leaks. It’s a good idea to clean the coils at least once a month.

Clogged Drain Line

Every piece of commercial refrigeration equipment has an automatic defrost to keep ice from forming inside the refrigerator. The water from the defrost drains through a special drain line, also called the condensate drain. When dirt and other debris get trapped in the drain, it can clog the line and water may backup and cause a leak. Clogged drains and water leaks can also lead to electrical damage, so it is important to have a professional check this often.

Damaged Gaskets

If the gaskets don’t create a good seal on the door of the refrigeration unit, it will leak cold air and cause excess strain on the compressor and condenser. This can lead to overheating and improper temperatures. If the refrigerator motor overheats, it can break down and defrost, which will leave a puddle of water outside the refrigerator if it isn’t fixed.

With proper maintenance, the commercial refrigerator in your Arlington area business will last for many years. Call the commercial refrigeration experts at Air Novations for all your commercial refrigeration repair and maintenance needs!

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