The Importance of Deep Fryer Equipment Maintenance: Arlington Food Service Equipment Tip

Commercial kitchens are extremely hectic places to work. Whether you are in a cafeteria or a high-end restaurant kitchen, you need to know that you can depend on every piece of equipment in that kitchen.

It is difficult to overemphasize the importance of regular maintenance service on all your commercial kitchen equipment. When your business depends on an appliance that is under nearly constant strain the way that commercial kitchen equipment is, you need to do everything to protect that appliance. Be sure that your deep fryer equipment, along with every other appliance in your commercial kitchen, is properly maintained for high quality performance. Call Air Novations today for more information.

A deep fryer is an integral part of any commercial kitchen, from crisping up French fries to accompany burgers to frying up fresh seafood. The fryers in most commercial kitchens do not get much of a break all day long, and this puts a tremendous amount of pressure on them. When you are dealing with an appliance whose sole function is to heat oil to high temperatures it is understandable why you would want to keep it in the best condition possible. You cannot operate a deep fryer safely if it does not receive regular, professional maintenance service. Call today to keep your kitchen and employees safe.

Deep fryers must also be drained and cleaned. If the drains and grease traps are not operating properly you risk not only injury but a serious, time consuming mess. Most people have spilt some oil in their kitchens. It is slick and difficult to clean. Now imagine gallons of hot, used oil spilling out onto your commercial kitchen floor. Let’s hope you never have to deal with a mess like that except in your imagination.

If you have any questions about the necessity of deep fryer equipment maintenance, contact Air Novations today. We have all the answers that you may need. Do not take any chances with the safety or convenience of your commercial kitchen. Schedule all necessary maintenance services with a qualified professional.

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