Fairfax, VA Refrigeration Options

If you run a restaurant, grocery, wine store, or any business that requires refrigeration equipment, then you need to make sure that your equipment is ready to work for your 24-7. You invest a lot of your own time to make your business run smoothly and you expect the same from your commercial refrigerator, your walk-in freezer, or wine cooler. Unfortunately, no matter how well our equipment is installed and serviced, eventually the time may come to replace it with new models. Alternatively, if you’re in the market for commercial refrigeration equipment for your new business, then you need to make sure it’s well suited for your particular business needs. In this post, we’d like to run through your Fairfax, VA refrigeration options.

  • Commercial refrigerator: Commercial refrigerators are sturdy and built to last. The type will depend on its application. Display and open-air merchandiser refrigerators are made to be consumer friendly so that your customers can select from a wide range of chilled food and drinks. Alternatively, solid door, undercounter, worktop, and dual temperature refrigerators are designed for food preparation, whether for your small catering business, industrial kitchen, or restaurant. Each has its own functionality, and may be combined to increase the efficiency of your commercial enterprise, whatever it may be.
  • Walk-in freezer: Walk-in freezers are substantial investments, made for large commercial applications, like grocery stores. They often come with features such as thick polyurethane insulation, defrost timers, and panel fasteners to ensure airtight fits. Because of the size of the cooled space, it needs to be incredibly energy efficient.
  • Wine cooler: If you sell or serve wine, then you need to make sure your commercial refrigeration equipment is up to the task. Wines are prized for their subtle and delicate flavors, and such features can be ruined with inaccurate temperatures. Look for a wine cooler that matches your needs in terms of storage as well as temperature control. Today’s wine coolers offer a range of features, including multiple temperature control, digital consoles, and temperature alarms.

Whatever you need in terms of temperature-controlled storage, make sure it’s installed by a professional. Often, such systems require specific electrical supplies and integration within your current commercial space. For Fairfax, VA refrigeration services, call the experts at Air Novations today!

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