Excessive Condensation and Refrigerator Repair in Arlington, VA

If you have a commercial refrigerator in your kitchen at your school or business, you expect it to keep the food and liquid stored inside cool at all times. When water starts to appear, either inside the unit, outside it, or in a pool beneath, you may have a serious problem with your refrigerator that requires immediate, expert maintenance. Air Novation’s trained technicians have years of experience in Arlington, VA with refrigeration repair. Our know-how can solve your difficulties.

 Here are a few things you should know about excessive condensation:

The simplest explanation for getting water in your refrigerator is that the door has been opened too many times or else has been left standing open for long periods. This is especially troublesome during the warm summer months when the humidity is high. However, if you have taken care to avoid this, the issue might be something more serious.

Check the seal around your refrigerator door to see if it is properly closing all the way. The door gaskets might be damaged, or there is food or other particles caught in the seal, causing gaps that allow warm air to seep inside the unit. If the problem persists, call an expert.

If you see water forming under the refrigerator, the most likely cause is a leak in the ice maker or the defrost drain. If the puddle smells oily or has an unusual color, the problem is probably a coolant leak. In both cases, you need to schedule professional repair as soon as possible.

A “sweating” refrigerator, with condensation forming on the outside, also needs to be taken care of immediately. Usually, this indicates there is a problem with the insulation lining the inside of the refrigerator. The insulation might have gotten wet, allowing the cold air to seep out of the refrigerator and turn into the “sweat” you see. A professional in refrigeration repair can determine the specific problem and offer a solution.

If you are experiencing excessive condensation in your commercial refrigerator, call for repair right away. In Arlington, VA, our refrigerator repair technicians at Air Novations can diagnose the trouble and fix it to your satisfaction. We provide 24-hour emergency service, so we’re always on duty to help you.

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