Common Issues with Fairfax, VA Commercial HVAC Systems

Whether you run a business or own a commercial property, you need to make sure that your HVAC system is in good working order and that it is operating efficiently. Commercial heating and cooling systems, as well as refrigeration and other food service equipment, require special care due to their size and complex arrangement of components, especially considering that they probably operate 24-7. When you need excellent Fairfax, VA commercial HVAC repair and maintenance, call the experts at Air Novations!

  • Overheated compressor: During the heat and humidity of the summer, extra strain is put on your compressor, whose proper operation is critical to the task of keeping your commercial space comfortable. The compressor increases the temperature and pressure of the gas refrigerant to such an extent that its heat flows quickly into the outside air. All of the cooling potential within your depends upon this compression. But airflow problems as well as other issues in the system can cause your compressor to overheat, and this can take down your entire cooling system.
  • Low refrigerant: When it was installed, your technician made sure that your new AC had a certain amount of “charge” coursing through its coils. This is the amount of refrigerant required for effective and efficient cooling. When your refrigerant gets low, it can adversely affect performance as well as the amount of energy your system consumes. It is typically caused by a leak somewhere in the coils. Even microscopic leaks can cause serious deficiencies over time, and your tech will not only need to recharge your AC, but also the fix the leak.
  • Ductwork damage: Commercial HVAC systems require extensive ductwork, much more than residential systems. Your ductwork is a critical part of your AC system, and when it becomes dirty or damaged, it can significantly reduce airflow, energy efficiency, and cause poor indoor air quality.

Professional routine maintenance is the best way to keep your Fairfax, VA commercial HVAC system (and your business) running for years to come. Call Air Novations for service today! 

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