Arlington Refrigeration Tip: Common Walk-In Freezer Problems

If you own a restaurant or run a commercial kitchen then you understand how important your commercial kitchen equipment really is. All commercial kitchen equipment must receive a professional installation and routine maintenance service in order to operate efficiently, effectively and reliably. Even with exceptional service from the commercial kitchen equipment experts at Air Novations, though, these appliances will experience trouble of some sort eventually. When they do you need to contact a service provider that you can trust. If your commercial walk-in freezer in Arlington is suffering from operational problems, give us a call. We have the skills and training necessary to handle the repairs.

One of the most common problems that we see with walk-in freezers is a lack of power. Sometimes this issue can be due to a blown out component. Other times it is simply the result of a tripped circuit that nobody thought to check. If your breaker box looks like it should be supplying power to the circuit that your freezer is on but it is powered down call for professional assistance immediately.

A buildup of ice is another common walk-in freezer problem that can, over time, cause serious issues with your appliance. If the relief air vent is iced over, for instance, you may have difficulty opening your freezer door. Ice on you evaporator coils can inhibit the freezing power of your walk-in freezer. Any time you begin to see ice build up on any freezer component you should consider the possibility of an underlying problem.

You may also notice that the motor in your freezer seems to run constantly. This should not be happening. You may have a leak somewhere that is letting the chilled air out. It is also possible that you have a refrigerant leak in the motor. Either way you need to consult a professional service provider.

A walk-in freezer needs to operate properly in order to supply your commercial kitchen with the freezing services it needs. If you have any concerns about the walk-in freezer in your Arlington kitchen, call Air Novations. We’ll make sure that your freezer is in great working condition and that it can handle the performance you demand of it.

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