Arlington Commercial Refrigeration Tip: When to Schedule Maintenance

Do you own a commercial food service business in Arlington? Scheduling commercial refrigeration maintenance on a routine basis is very important. Aside from keeping your refrigerator running smoothly, it can also help prevent repair needs and extend the life of the equipment. That’s why you should have a professional Arlington commercial refrigeration technician at Air Novations tune your equipment at least once a year.

Aside from regular tune-ups and cleanings, there are some things you can do every few months to help your commercial refrigerator.

  1. Be sure to inspect the door gaskets and make sure the door is getting a proper seal. You can visually check for cracks or damages. If it looks okay, you can double check the seal by placing a piece of paper or a dollar bill between the frame and gasket. If the paper doesn’t have any resistance, then you may have an improper seal.
  2. Consistently check holding temperature. You may already be required by law to do this, since this depends on local health codes, but it should probably be checked several times a day due to the schedule of the defrost cycle. You may have a ventilation issue if the temperatures are too low, and you will probably need a repair if they stay too warm for too long.
  3. Replacing broken interior lights ASAP: The interior light is important for efficiency reasons, since a broken light leads to people leaving the door open for longer. This can also put strain on the compressor and motor. The sooner you get it replaced, the less energy will be wasted.
  4. Call for repairs. The sooner you call the Arlington commercial refrigeration experts at Air Novations, the sooner we can take of any small issues that are effecting your refrigerator’s operation or efficiency. This lowers down time and operation costs.

If you need any repair or maintenance for your commercial refrigerator or for any of your food service equipment, call Air Novations today!

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