Arlington Commercial Refrigeration Tip: Common Refrigeration Problems in the Food Service Industry

If you’re in the food service industry in Arlington, there isn’t much else that’s more important than the quality of your food. If that starts to suffer, your whole business could be on the line. Your refrigeration system is the key to making sure your food stays fresh. When you start to have problems with your refrigeration, you want to make sure that it gets fixed fast. We put together some of the common commercial refrigeration issues that we get called to repair here in Arlington.

Noises Coming From the Refrigerator

This is a very common issue with commercial refrigerators. The refrigeration system for your refrigerator works in a very similar manner as a traditional central air conditioning system. It uses a series of coils filled with refrigerant, a compressor and a fan to pull heat out of the air inside the fridge. Normally, the culprit for loud noises is an old fan that has started to wear down. It could also be the motor for the compressor in your refrigerator. The coils in your refrigerator will form condensation on them as part of the cooling process. The condensate lines are responsible for disposing of it. These lines can sometimes make noises as well.

Intermittent Cooling

This is obviously a very serious problem for a food service business. If your refrigerator is turning off suddenly, it could allow your food to spoil which could cost you lots of money. The cause of this problem could be a number of things. The thermostat in your refrigerator could be broken. There may also be a power issue as well or a problem with the compressor. If you are experiencing this problem, it’s best to call a contractor who can properly diagnose the problem.

Refrigerator Won’t Turn Off

This is another common problem that we see in Arlington. Your refrigerator, like your home’s AC system, will go through cycles of cooling. It will turn on when it senses that the air is too hot and then turn off when it has sufficiently cooled the room. Your refrigerator should be doing the same thing. But if it is constantly running, this could be a problem. Not only could this cause freeze damage to your food, it could also cost you more money in electricity bills. This is most likely caused by the temperature control system in the refrigerator. Contact a certified contractor to help you fix this issue.

If you are experiencing any of these problems at your food service business in Arlington, call the experts at Air Novations today. We offer comprehensive food service equipment maintenance and repair services for the entire Arlington area. From walk-in freezers and refrigerators to food slicers, deep fryers, bakery equipment and commercial ovens, our technicians can do it all. No matter what type or brand of commercial food service equipment you have, we can make sure that it is well maintained and repaired quickly so you can get back to business.

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